China Acer Truncatum: Valuable Every Part

Combining the features of edible oil, protein, chemical material, beautiful shape, water and soil protection, soil improvement, agriculture development and unique wood material together, Acer Truncatum has trinity value of economy, society and ecology, which is the only plant you can find in the world. With its outstanding medical and health effects, it is an irreplaceable crops of high economic value. Its product is safe and without any side effects, which is the most ideal raw material for health care, cosmetics and edible oil.

High Quality Edible Oil

Kernel contains up to 48% of, higher than Camellia seed

Health Care Raw Materials

China Acer Truncatum contains more than 130 kinds of health care ingredients

High quality protein

Seed contains 27.2% protein, after oil extraction, the oil residue is rich in high quality protein.

Livestock Breeding

The China Acer Truncatum leaves can extract rich nutrient solution

High Quality Wood

China Acer Truncatum, the best wood in the world

High Quality Honey

China Acer Truncatum honey has great and unique performance on its taste, nutrition, health care and other traits

China Acer Truncatum Bunge(Aceraceae) deciduous trees

generally 8 ~ 10M high also called ingot maple because their wings are like gold ingots.China Acer Truncatum named ingot maple(see《Northeast China Plants》《China Plants》)also called flat base maple(see《Economic Plant Handbook》)ingot tree(see《Hebei Plant Map》)North China maple(see《North China Maple》《Hebei Trees》


China Acer truncatum bark is grayish brown or dark brown


the branches extending obliquely upward, hairless branches, collateral clusters


single opposite leave, palmately 5-lobed or 7-lobed, triangular or lanceolate, green leaf surface, smooth, light green back, 5 main veins


yellow-green, unisexual male and hermaphrodite flowers of the same strain, corymbs terminal branches, flowering in April


The fruit is a samara, flat, made about two wings at right angles or obtuse, Samara is green early, yellow or gray-brown when ripe, fruiting from September to October.

China Acer Truncatum growth environment requirements

China Acer Truncatum is a kind of adaptive, strong-resistance species


China Acer truncatum mainly distributed in temperate and warm temperate regions, thermophilic species adapt to wide range temperature, grow in areas with annual average temperature is 9-15 ℃,can grow normally under the temperature from -30 to 42℃


China Acer Truncatum is drought-tolerant. They can grow under the condition of 250-1000mm rainfall. Mostly planted in hills and other areas;but China Acer Truncatum is not waterlog-resistant,cannot grow well with water too high or long-term wet soil;grow fast in the wet and good drainage conditions


China Acer Truncatum love sun light. Growing sturdy and strong branches in a sunny place


China Acer Truncatum have strong adaptability to soil, can grow in slightly acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline and calcareous soil, but with big differences when growing in different soils. Factors affecting its growth including soil conditions, soil texture, soil sickness, soil fertility and soil pH. pH 6.0-8.0 is good for normal growth.